• Improving space situational awareness is a global concern that is critical for space to remain a viable resource. With the Commercial Space Operations Center, AGI is committed to providing a commercial solution to enhance space situational awareness through detection, tracking and characterization of resident space objects with data obtained from affordable commercial sensors and advanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. The ComSpOC offers more accuracy and readiness to satellite operators and intelligence analysts than other more costly alternatives, building upon AGI's experience of developing world-class SSA solutions to ensure the safety of space assets.
  • Our Vision


  • Persistent Tracking from a Global Network

    Over the past 50 years, sensing technology has evolved into an affordable, accessible and very capable alternative to traditional tracking methods. AGI is partnering with commercial, research and innovation organizations from around the world to establish a geographically diverse set of optical, radio frequency (RF), radar and space-based sensors to bring about the next generation of space situational awareness. This integrated system provides comprehensive coverage of objects in Earth orbit while providing ComSpOC subscribers with unmatched benefits that include:

    • Versatile network of globally distributable sensors
    • Persistent 24/7 tracking or RSOs > 5cm
    • Tip and cue of high-resolution telescopes
    • Dedicated all-night stare capability
    • Constant custody of active RF broadcasting GEOs
    • Redundancies across disparate measurement types
    • Enhanced relative accuracy through data processing
  • How

  • HiDEph™ SSA Capabilities

    The ComSpOC automatically processes measurements from the sensor network and creates high accuracy ephemeris for each tracked object. This HiDEph™ service includes position and covariance information and enables a wide range of SSA capabilities for space object characterization:

    • Detailed history of all space object activity including both metric and non-metric (i.e. photometry) derived data
      • Orbit determination
      • Capable of processing more than 1 million observations per day
      • Near real time characterization of the entire space population with over 30,000 orbit updates per hour
    • Maneuver detection
      • Near real time detection and characterization of all non-cooperative maneuvers performed
      • Order of magnitude improvement to timeliness of track custody
      • Increased early warning for potential on-orbit threats
    • Proximity monitoring
      • Up to 100x reduction in uncertainty dramatically reduces the number of false alarms and warnings
    • RF interference and geolocation
      • HiDEph™ orbit accuracy and uncertainty supports up to 50x improvement in geolocation accuracy
  • How


  • Key Benefits for Satellite Operators

    • High Definition ephemeris
      (HiDEph™ )
      • Increased orbit knowledge and analyst productivity
      • Reduced ranging tasks and equipment
    • Safety of flight
      • Far fewer and far more accurate conjunction warnings due to realistic covariance and probability of collision
      • Efficient response to conjunction warnings with data on secondary objects
      • Reduce fuel expended for unnecessary avoidance maneuvers
      • Improved operator confidence for maneuver response

    • Geolocation support
      • Reduced RFI mitigation costs through improved accuracy and precision
      • Significantly reduces the need for reference emitters
      • High degree of relative accuracy enables significantly improved results

    • Quality assurance
      • Continuously monitor orbit position estimates from multiple sources and autonomously generate alert notifications

    • Calibration support
      • Combine independent data sets with owner/operator data to calibrate operator sensors and biases
  • Value

  • Key Benefits for SSA Systems

    • Global sensor network
      • Persistent, continuous sensor collections
      • Increased orbital accuracy
      • Near real-time processing of diverse data sources
      • Integration and fusion of a large number of disparate, geographically diverse sensors

    • Space object
      • Accurate and rapid maneuver detection and reconstruction
      • Imagery and full motion video of space objects
      • Rapid indications and warning of potential threats

    • SpaceBook® data products
      • Dynamic database and history of space objects
      • Resident space object metadata (maneuvers, profiles, history and trending, etc.)
      • Space object data wheel and event messaging
      • Analysis to support the identification of adversarial actions with threat alerts
      • Fingerprinting, trending, pattern of life
      • Event analysis and Course of Action determination

  • Value

ComSpOC uses SSA products that have been selected by the U.S. Air Force
for the Joint Space Operations Center Mission System (JMS) program.

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