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The Next Generation Space Catalog Preview

Current Network

  • 28 optical sites
  • 1 radar site

Current Objects Tracked

  • 5,000+ total RSOs
  • 100% of GEO over continental United States
  • 75% of global GEO RSOs


  • Successfully tracked space launch from GTO all the way to GEO
  • Successfully proved near real-time maneuver characterization and continuous custody for active GEOs with RF data
  • Successfully performed closed-loop tracking with optical sites


ComSpOC-generated data products are made accessible via SpaceBook®, a SOA-based data and analysis subscription service. Through an interactive, easy-to-use interface, subscribers can monitor the performance and safety of their satellites while tracking the activity of neighboring RSOs. SpaceBook® delivers timely, relevant SSA at a lower cost and with greater accuracy than other existing tools. A tiered pricing structure allows users to access information on a focused group of objects or the entire ComSpOC catalog. SpaceBook® features include:

  • Astrometric, radiometric and photometric SSA products
  • Event timelines and history of RSOs
  • Detailed space object characterization
  • RSO metadata: position, status and trending information
  • Sensor network information, tasking and tracking opportunities
  • Real-time messaging and alerts
  • 3D visualization tools

As the developer and operator of the Space Data Center for the Space Data Association (SDA), AGI brings significant experience in operating a high availability, "24/7" data center.

SpaceBook® Data Products

  • HiDEph™ position and covariance data
  • Maneuver detection, characterization and history
  • Maneuver monitoring for active satellites and dormant RSOs
  • Patterns of life monitoring and deviation notification
  • Launch collision avoidance screening
  • Direct ascent ASAT analysis and real-time launch characterization
  • Payload launch and early orbit operational support
  • GEO neighborhood watch
  • Non-cooperative tracking with maneuver threat analysis (MTA)
  • Tracking data support and trending for a specific conjunction
  • Conjunction trending for recurring conjunctions
  • Avoidance maneuver planning
  • RFI analysis
  • Fingerprinting
  • Carrier ID hosting
  • Photometric light curve plots and Space Object Identification (SOI)

In addition to SpaceBook® data products, subscribers can request additional services and support from AGI's team of subject matter experts and analysts for more detailed studies that include:

  • Event and decision support
  • Photometric and radiometric data and analysis
  • Calibrations
  • Anomaly resolution


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