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The U.S. is getting serious about space junk10/03/2022Tom Metcalfe - NBC News
SpaceX launches 46 Starlink satellites, lands rocket on drone ship08/12/2022Elizabeth Howell -
Starlink satellites encounter Russian ASAT debris squalls08/09/2022Jeff Foust - Space News
An In-Orbit Game of Cat and Mouse: Close approaches prompt calls for communications and norms06/16/2022Debra Werner - Space News
COMSPOC executive to join DoD space policy office04/18/2022Sandra Erwin - Space News
COMSPOC and ThothX Announce Partnership to Deliver First Commercial Radar with Coverage Over Asia04/10/2022Doug Messier - Parabolic Arc
Getting a jump on traffic: The sudden urgency of government-industry partnerships in space traffic management04/07/2022Jeff Foust - Space News
Russian ASAT debris creating “squalls” of close approaches with satellites02/18/2022Jeff Foust - Space News
China’s Shijian-21 spacecraft towed a dead satellite high above graveyard orbit01/27/2022Andrew Jones - Space News
Chinese satellite in near miss with Russian ASAT test debris01/20/2022Andrew Jones - Space News
Russian ASAT debris imperils DoD, NRO sats, while ISS risks increase: COMSPOC01/04/2022 Theresa Hitchens - Breaking Defense
Examination of Tiangong (Chinese Space) Station encounters with Starlink and other space objects01/03/2022Dan Oltrogge and Sal Alfano
New Analysis of Russian ASAT: Updated Time of Event01/03/2022Jim Cooper, Dan Oltrogge, Pete Zimmer
COMSPOC’s latest analyses of the Russian ASAT event12/29/2021COMSPOC/CSSI
U.S. was not blindsided by Russia’s anti-satellite test, say officials12/05/2021Sandra Erwin - Space News
Ruminations and Analysis on a Russian ASAT11/25/2021Jim Cooper, Dan Oltrogge, Sal Alfano
Protecting Our Space Critical Infrastructure11/20/2021Jim Cooper
Space Force Association (SFA) Space Warfighter Industry Nights (WINs)11/20/2021Jim Cooper
SSA positional and dimensional accuracy requirements for Space Traffic Coordination and Management11/20/2021Jim Cooper
Space Symposium 202111/20/2021Jim Cooper
Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference11/20/2021Jim Cooper
Space War Tactics? The US, Russia, and China Are Testing Orbital Vulnerabilities10/29/2021Brad Bergan - Interesting Engineering
US, China, Russia Test New Space War Tactics: Sats Buzzing, Spoofing, Spying10/28/2021Colin Clark - Breaking Defense
Satellite operators need more accurate SSA data09/16/2021 Jeff Foust - Space News
Space Situational Awareness, Space Traffic Management, and Orbital Debris: Examining Solutions for Emerging Threats 07/20/2021Jim Cooper
Digital Mission Engineering and the Acquisition of AGI07/20/2021Jim Cooper