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Modern and scalable SSA platform at 1/10th the cost, 1/10th the latency, and 100x more accurate than current systems.

Today, more than 5,000 active satellites are orbiting the Earth. By 2030 there will be more than 100,000. Collisions pose an exponentially growing threat to the global economy while irresponsible behavior threatens national security and the entire space environment. Gain space sustainability.

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Discover COMSPOC's innovative product offerings designed to advance space operations and technology.

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Space Situational Awareness Software Suite

Comprehensive Space Operations Center (SpOC) capabilities in an off-the-shelf, enterprise-level software package.

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Space Event Generator

Standalone, commercial software for SSA test, training, and exercise (TTX) support.

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Space Object Threat Assessment

Assess satellite risk and vulnerability to provide mission assurance for any space-based system.

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Orbit Determination for Space Situational Awareness

Reverse engineer spacecraft maneuvers, and examine and correct observation association problems.


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Navigating the Complexity of Space Operations

By: Oltrogge, Dan


March 05, 2024
COMSPOC Did You Know?


Did you know that our company excels in SSA and has made significant contributions to this field? Explore our thought-provoking "Did You Know..." page to learn more.

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X-37B in LEO
Evolution in rate of LEO close approaches with major fragmentation events, 1968 to present (viewed slightly from lefthand side)
COMSPOC simulation of Chinese ASAT engagement of Fengyun spacecraft, including discrete fragment breakup and post-fragmentation debris cloud evolution.


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Employee Spotlight - Dave Vallado

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