The Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC) is a space situational awareness (SSA) facility that fuses satellite-tracking measurements from a continually growing global network of commercial sensors. The ComSpOC generates High Definition Ephemeris (HiDEph™) and other highly accurate SSA data products for resident space object (RSO) characterization. Since its announcement in March of 2014, the ComSpOC has established closed-loop tracking with sites and successfully tracked a recent space launch. The ComSpOC is now tracking 5,000+ total space objects, 75% of all active geosynchronous (GEO) satellites and 100% of all active GEO satellites over the continental U.S. The ComSpOC is currently using more than 28 optical sensors and one radar site. An RF data processing test verified the ability of ComSpOC to do near real-time maneuver characterization and continuous custody for active GEOs. The SpaceBook®, a service that currently provides data including, status, orbit mission and owner information of all tracked objects, is now live. In the future, this will serve as a subscription-based portal for ComSpOC data such as health, status, event and trending information of all tracked objects.

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