Disparate source = Any technology, any phenomenology, any format, any standard, any basing mode

COMSPOC is the only supplier offering a turnkey, on-premises SSA solution. Our solution is a scalable, modular, open system that fully operates out of the box, but it can also be customized.

COMSPOC® SSA SDA tools are modern and scalable at 1/10th the cost, 1/10th the latency & 100x more accurate vs. current systems.

Bold threats in space require bold solutions. COMSPOC’s SSA, STM, and SDA tools and simulation software designed to assist operators in identifying potential threats across all orbital regimes. 

COMSPOC is a global leader in providing tools and services for space situational awareness and space traffic management.

GEO satellites aren't really “stationary.” They often do maneuvers to maintain their position in space due to environmental disruptions.

COMSPOC's CSSI conducts in-depth research in space sustainability, orbital debris mitigation, space environment “crowding,” space object encounter rates, and space traffic coordination & management.

Technical papers & presentations are freely available

COMSPOC established the first commercial space operation center back in 2014 and operates 24x7.


COMSPOC offers comprehensive space flight safety services. We also offer a variety of advanced analytic services, so you no longer need to stand up your own operation center.

COMSPOC has its own sensors and can fuse any and all observational data to determine highly accurate, low latency solutions with certain uncertainty

COMSPOC offers more than just software

COMSPOC’s Space Event Generator (SEG) simulation software allows operators to develop scenarios of complex space events like Conjunctions, Rendezvous and Proximity Operations illustrated via an intuitive GUI.

FACT: There is a LOT of debris and over 8500 active satellites

COMSPOC and the commercial space industry play an important role in helping to develop space standards and establish best practices and expected norms of behavior.

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