Digital Mission Engineering and the Acquisition of AGI

07/20/2021 | Jim Cooper | News

Event: The All Things Ansys Podcast, Episode 083 

COMSPOC and AGI CEO and Co-Founder Paul Graziani and Ansys Vice President & General Manager Anthony Dawson discussed the acquisition of AGI and its what it means for those simulating in the aerospace and defense industry.  

Starting off with a no business background to traversing the path to set up a 220 employees company, Paul threw light on his journey thus far. Indeed a fascinating growth story encouraging young minds to take calculated risks.   

AGI's work focussing on national security and space programs were highlighted. Paul also broke down the complicated digital mission engineering concept, explained as a "capability to model anything that moves through space and time". 

The AGI integration with Ansys product family allows customers to enjoy higher degree of fidelity on analysis with basic tools. 

Pursuant to the Ansys acquistion of AGI, COMSPOC Corporation spun out as an independent company focused on providing state-of-the-art SSA, SDA and STM products and services. COMSPOC and AGI continue to maintain a strong strategic partnership.


Listen to the complete podcast here.